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Productions, artistic direction


Rosario Guerra


Stazione Utopia / Nutida

W/ Sofia Bonetti
MUSIC Maewen Forest

Concept: "It is a game that is played between Art and viewer. Sometimes we flirt and sometimes we hate each other. Sometimes we don't like each other but still we are always there in front of each other sharing emotions."


Philippe Kratz


Stazione Utopia

W/ Veronica Galdo, Nagga Baldina MUSICA Borderline order

Two beings float in the open sea, approaching each other, being carried away by the currents. They are aware of their fate but determined and resolute in their behavior. They seem determined to make the most of their encounter. They are there by chance but know that for this short time they will witness each other's of each other's existence before they move apart and transform for the better. Transition, transmission and shared space take center stage in OPEN DRIFT. Inspired to Anna Pavlova's iconic solo in The Death of the Swan choreographed in 1905 by Michel Fokine, the choreographer reinterprets the theme of encounter, excitement and magic conveyed by each new beginning.


IMMA / Aldo Nolli


Aldo Nolli


Stazione Utopia / Nutida

W/ Francesca Capurso, Matilde Di Ciolo
MUSIC Stars of The Lid
COSTUMES Opificio della Moda e del Costume Firenze
SUPPORTED BY dei donor sulla piattaforma GoFoundMe CON LA IN COLLABORATION WITH NBDT e PARC Performing Art Research Centre Firenze


From the Hebrew אָמִּא, it stands for mother.
Female duo that traces through a contemporary analysis the story of the two mothers and King Solomon's judgment.


Pablo Girolami


NBDT / IVONA / Stazione Utopia / Nutida

W/ Matteo Capetola, Matilde Di Ciolo, Veronica Galdo, Aldo Nolli, Niccolò Poggini


In the vast rooms of a toy museum in the midst of arid immense deserts, of an island cracking the darkness of space; We, eternal, do not avert our eyes from the microscopic infinity born from the event in stone. Imagined inspiration : Sand seen at the microscope


Giovanni Insaudo


Stazione Utopia / Nutida

W/ Veronica Galdo
MUSIC Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

A lifelong film that of Marilyin Monroe, an immensely famous but equally fragile woman who also played a part outside the bright Hollywood sets. 

The world of film is a machine of heavy gears, of smiles, spotlights and chatter that crush and overwhelm all they find; for better or worse they take you to the top, but staying up is another story.  

Marilyn Monroe's is a story, a myth, a blonde, near-perfect legend that is lost amidst cinematic films and male desires for a wonderful object to be worshipped. But you know, all that glitters is not gold, and Marilyn realized this early on and always to her cost, getting caught up in those glossy dreams that Hollywood sold to the public, but which she could never fully grasp.


Alice Catapano


Stazione Utopia / Nutida


W/ Alice Catapano, Matteo Capetola
INSPIRED BY "Paesaggio"by Harold Pinter
IN COLLABORATION WITH FMA-Focus Movie Academy e i sostenitori di Gofundme

Duff and Beth are the characters in Harold Pinter's Landscape. In the original piece with two simultaneous monologues they recount a life, perhaps lived together. Two distinct thoughts walking the same path.
The choreographic construction delves into the depths of the protagonists' relationships, leaving the imagination free on the difficulties of communication, interaction and at the same time on the absence of it.A couple, two distinct thoughts walking the same path. 


OPEN DRIFT / Philippe Kratz


About Stazione Utopia Production

the festival of new contemporary dance produced by Stazione Utopia

NUTIDA New dancers propose performances and studies inspired by the relationship with the place and its inhabitants in the hour before sunset, without the artifice of lights and curtains, in a constant relationship between audience and artists, supporting new generations of dancers and welcoming site-specific works conceived or adapted for the courtyard and the two lawns of the Pomario.
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